Dear 2017,

My word this year is ‘Push’.  You will hear this single word when you try to slow me down.  I will push back if you try to trip me up.  I will push to stand up if you try to knock down.  I will push a little harder if I feel I am out of fight.

I.  Will.  Push.

I’ve worked hard the last two years.  2015 was my doorway.  2016 brought me beauty.  I have put so many things in place.  2017 will be when I will push to cross off the big items from my list.  It will be the year I push the boundaries.  It will be the year I push myself to overcome challenges.  It will be my year to push.


To The 2016 Me.

2015 was a tough year, but progressive, which makes it better.  There were many changes this year and while change is good, it’s rarely easy.  The excitement you put into your own life was contagious and managed to infect others.
January brought about its cold, stiff, harsh winds in an attempt to rub your nose in last years mess, but you stayed strong and kept moving forward.  So much planning and research were done but a direction to head was finally found after so many years of stagnant drifting.  A little bit of effort yielded a fair bit of progress on your blog, which was just the right amount of a jump-start you needed to know you were on the right path.
February brought with it a new class to hone in on our direction and a need to buckle down and finish the planning to reach our goals.   The cold weather gave more opportunities to ice skate with the girls, do crafts and play guitar.  A couple of new tattoos are in there too.
In March we finished our course and get to put all of our learning to the test.  Spring is around the corner and you could smell it in the air when the wind blew just right, bringing rebirth and renewal; it was time to really put our planning is put to the test.
In April we saw more achievements for our efforts, having reached the halfway mark with 50 followers and 1500 views on our blog, and some short stories completed with just a few more sweeps of editing before publishing it.
May found you Europe bound, with a pit stop on your second home before hopping over to Spain.  It was an amazing first trip with Squeakers, and as always your trusted travel partner, Davey.  Every trip holds special lessons, and this one was no different.
Still on a high from our trip, we returned home, eager to share our adventures as well as what we’ve learned with our families, friends and readers.  Preparations were needed to exceed our success with last years summer programs through work,
July started with high energy with the anticipation of summer. The girls headed back to summer camps and with sunlight lasting till 9pm, many evenings were spent in the backyard, enjoying the fruits of our labour.
When the high heats started to mellow out in August, bike rides on the weekends and some walks through the forests with the girls were on the agenda.  Organization was in demand as all the up coming events started to take shape.
September was back to school for both the girls and mom, wanting to provide an example if constant learning.  You made the most of your time off, because the next four months were going to be very hectic.
October is when your event planning skills came into play, with both the girls annual open house and another Scare in the Square event, not to mention next years budget,Christmas planning as well as a NYE party planning.   Each one bigger and badder than last year.
November you spent both wrapping gifts as well as loose ends.  Reports on events were needed, as well as detail finalization for both up coming events and pending publishing.
December means the publication of your first ebook, and the exceeding of the initial goals your made for your blog, proving your all your blundering made a difference.  The holidays were kept simple which meant there was more time to enjoy the season.
It was a tough year, but more successful than the ones the proceeding it.  And now the joy of an all new set of goals and adventures comes…