Mom, I’m going to be late…

Occasionally I get a glimpse into what my children will be like in the future.  I got another glimpse this morning when my oldest added an alarm to my phone to remind me of something I need to do today, while my youngest claimed she’d lost her pants, again.  

Christmas Eve, 2032

*a telephone rings

HALIA:  Hello?

MOM:  Hey, Squish!  I was just calling about dinner tomorrow

HALIA: *sighs  Yes, I just sent the file to you.  I’ll be leaving my place at 3:07pm, which means I’ll arrive at 4:30pm.  In the file is the route I plan on taking, as well as a link so you can follow my progress on the way.  I didn’t recieve your meal plan for tomorrow, so I took it upon myself to order in some groceries yesterday.  Did you recieve them?

MOM: Yes, I did, but –

HALIA:  I also included the recipes in the file.

MOM:  You know, I have done this before, Halia…

HALIA:  Yes, I know you have, Mom.  I just want to make it easier for you.  I’ve sent notifications to your phone to let you know what time to preheat the oven and when to start cooking the turkey.  I’ll take care of the veggies when I get there.  

MOM:  I was thinking we could have…

HALIA:  We are having turkey, Mom.  No substitutes this year.  

MOM:  OK, fine.  Have you heard from your sister?

HALIA:  No, but I did locate her phone.  

MOM:  Oh, where is she?

HALIA:  Maybe you should just call her.  I’m sick of having the same conversation with her.  

MOM:  OK.  I’ll see you tomorrow

*a telephone rings

LEONA:  Mom!

MOM:  Hey Squeakers!  Halia told me to call you about Christmas dinner.  

LEONA:  Yes, for sure!  When is that?

MOM:  On Christmas day, of course.

LEONA:  Oh, yeah, I knew that…

MOM:  That’s tomorrow.

LEONA:  Oh, um, I’m going to be late.  

MOM:  I haven’t told you the time yet.

LEONA:  Yeah, um, Mom, the thing is…

Hang on…

*there’s rustling over the phone and Leona speaks to someone nearby

Excuse me, could you tell me where I am?  

Are you sure?

Well, yes, I suppose most people would be sure of where they live

*Leona comes back to speak to Mom again

The thing is, I’m in New Delhi  

Mom, are you still there?

MOM:  Oh, Leona…

LEONA:  Mom, I can explain!  I’ll be there for New Years!  I promise!

MOM: That’s in a week.

LEONA:  Make that Valentine’s Day.

MOM:  Just bring me back something nice.

LEONA: Speaking of buying things…

MOM: *sighs  Yes, I’ll send some money.  

LEONA:  Thanks Mom  


Halia Noodle Soup

Having finally defrosted my toes after numberous days at the -20 degrees mark, I’m craving anything warm to keep the deep freeze away.  Besides copious amounts of hot chocolate, soup is my go to meal.  I posted this a few years ago, but it is still one of my favourites so I thought I would share again.

I had planned on blogging about my current progress on the Reverse 100 Thing Challenge (I am quite proud of what I have accomplished in just one day) however since my oldest is home sick from school today, I felt it was more suiting to post the recipe about her favourite soup.
And when I say favourite, I really mean the only one she’ll eat without complaint.  Halia helped me come up with the initial idea of it, and we have tweaked it till it’s just right.  Its full of ingredients I usually have in the pantry, so its something that can easily be whipped up on a cool day when you just don’t feel like yourself.
I love and encourage cooking with kids.  Of course there is the whole ‘learning to cook’ aspect of it, but there is so much more to the experience.
There math and fractions involved.  I let the girls make a mess and measure out the ingredients themselves.
There is science and experimenting involved.  I let them taste test along the way and let them concoct their own flavours, and soup is the perfect way to experiment since you can’t really go too far wrong with it.
There is an independence that is learned from knowing you can do something grown up for yourself.
And sometimes, when its a recipe you all know by heart, there is just a simple bonding that takes place over food, and an honesty that happens when people cook together.

Halia’s Noodle Soup
3 cups tomato juice
4 cups vegetable broth
1 onion, chopped, browned in olive oil
1 cup frozen corn
1 cup frozen peas
1 cup frozen green beans
1 large carrot, sliced thin
1 tbsp garlic powder
1/2 cup nutritional yeast
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp oregano
1 cup chopped spinach
2 cups broad egg noodles
Put all ingredient except spinach and noodles in slow cooker until carrots are cooked. (About 2 hours on high)  Add spinach and noodles until noodles are cooked. (About 20 minutes.)

Yes, I know egg noodles are not vegan, but sadly I have yet to find a substitute for them just yet.  Other pasta either just doesn’t cook quite right or just turns to mush in the slow cooker.
We have substituted with other veggies depending on what we have had on hand, both fresh and frozen, with great results, but the above list is what we keep coming back to and usually a pantry/freezer staple in this house.
I hope you give it a try and tell me what your thoughts were or even better, how you experimented with it.
Soups on!