My Resolution on Goals

I’ve been taking a poll of people I see regularly and asking about New Years Resolutions.  Quite a few times I’ve received an answer that started off like “Well, I didn’t make any resolutions but I have set a few goals for the year.”  This makes me wonder what the difference is and why people would make the distinction between the two.  Easily a resolution could be turned into a goal, and a goal into a resolution.
I then posed the question as to what people thought the difference were between goals and resolutions were. Oddly, answers varied. One friend told me goals were something you strive towards, and resolutions are changes. Another told me that resolutions were about making peace with something, and goals are something you physically do. A friend out East told me that goals are quantified, resolutions are qualified.

Back in 2013, I made the resolution to be fun.  And I stuck with it.  That year I signed up for music lessons, I took off to Europe for a trip with my daughter, I befriended someone at work who quickly became my partner in crime and someone I cherish.  I met a lot of new people, and made sure I kept close bonds with my dear friends, and re-established a social life.  I watched my youngest daughter for clues on how to be silly and put them into my own repertoire of tricks.  I learned so much about myself and that I was different from how I felt the world around me perceived me.

Last year I made the same resolution to be fun, but got different results.  It was a rough year, and my resolve to be fun was my saving grace.  ‘Be fun’ kept me sane.

Now I’m entering 2015 and still thinking of a new resolution.  I’m tempted to stick with ‘Be Fun’ simply because it has worked twice already.  But this year feels different.  ‘Be fun’ isn’t going to cut it this year. I have a good friend, who is, as she says, intuitive. She’s tuned into the world in a much different way than I am, and has been telling me for a bit now that a change is coming my way.
So I waited but no changes ocurred. Looked for them, but saw no changes.

But I woke up one day last week and felt something different. Call it clarity, an ‘aha’ moment, a light at the end of the tunnel, or simply too much vodka, but I woke up that day and saw what change I was going to make. I saw the motivation I thought I had lost. I saw things different. I saw that the change wasn’t coming to me, I had to make it.
Thinking of the wording of my resolution, I came across another blogger who also wrote on the same subject. Lily writes about using just one word as a resolution. Just one word to sum up how you want to be better, instead of a list of items. One word to sum up what I want, need, strive for, make peace with and qualify my goals.
The word ‘January’ is derived from name Janus, the God of beginnings and transitions; and in Latin, Janus means door or doorway. A rather fitting name for the beginning of the year I think.
And with that little tidbit of random knowledge I discovered my word.
To stop looking at the doorway, and just walk through it.
To know that there’s always a doorway to pass through, I just need to look.
To remember in order to move forward, I must pass through a doorway.
An easy mantra when things get tough or frustrating or lackluster.
I think is going to work well for me this year.

Any other thoughts on resolutions or goals? I’m always interested to hear how people work to make themselves the best versions of themselves.

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2 thoughts on “My Resolution on Goals

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