Well Planned Resolutions

I’ve decided on not just one, but 3 resolutions this year, and I’m publicly declaring them so I will for sure be held accountable.
My first resolution is inspired by Project333. I have been accused of ‘never wearing the same outfit twice’ a few too many times to wonder about the amount of clothing I do own. I have purged, only keeping my favourite pieces, however it would seem I have a lot of favourites. So, I’ve challenged myself to not by one single piece of clothing this year. (I am allowing myself one exception by buying a new pair of work shoes in the spring.) So far I have made it through the January clearance racks, and not bought a single item. But I fear I have two challenges coming up that may tempt me further. My partner is shopping crime is coming for a visit in a few weeks, and I know a shopping trip will come up. Secondly, I’m heading to England this summer, and not buying clothing on Oxford st is going to be very tough…
My second resolution is somewhat linked to my 3rd resolution, but should hopefully prove to be easier than the first. This year I will take more sick days. I will stay home if I’m sick. And I will even take days off some when I’m not. I have already taken one this year, but sadly it was because I was sick, and not because I was just playing hooky.
My third and final resolution is to have more fun. (This is where playing hooky comes in.) I will have more fun with my kids, attend more school functions and field trips, be silly more often. I will LOL for real, and not just via text. I will remind myself every day that my house does not exist just to be cleaned. I’ll take more enjoyment from each day, focus on the joy, and scrap off what drags me down. I’ve signed up for music lessons with my kids, booked a trip, planned ‘dates’ with friends and my husband.
I think I’m off to a good start…

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Amanda M

Vegan most of the time. Mother all the time. Super Woman in my free time. I am currently an events manager with a retail chain, and am working my way into freelance writing. I've had my first book 'Go to Sleep, Leona!' recently published, and am currently working on more fiction pieces.

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